Our Story

Exquisitely blending taste and style, Casue is a boutique bakeshop specializing in custom designed and decorated cookies.

Can life get any sweeter for Carolyn and Susanne - identical twins, best friends and now business partners in a unique little dessert company they call Casue.

"For those who know us, it's been a logical progression-we grew up together, went to school and then worked together, live together and are now running a business together. It may seem like too much for some, but for us, it just feels natural."

After graduating from Dartmouth College, Carolyn and Susanne accepted jobs at a marketing analytics company where they helped others analyze, manage and grow their brands. After a few years, however, the sisters realized it was time for a change... and that meant... cookies?

"Always ready for a challenge, we decided to pursue our passion for art and design while indulging an inherited (ask mom and grandma) and shared sweet tooth."

The intent was, and still is, to create great tasting and looking desserts infused with personality and style.

These sisters believe that when it comes to food the first impression is often made before the first bite is even taken. That's why Casue not only bakes great tasting cookies but presents them fabulously as well, with keen attention to detail and a natural sense of aesthetics.

"We recognize the importance of details, the incomparable taste of something homemade and the impact of great presentation. We don't mind if people mix us up--we're twins, it comes with the territory..But it's important that our product be distinct."

What makes Casue unique, what makes Casue great, are all the little things, the details, its founders get right. And it is all these little things that work together to create an irresistible whole or in the case of Carolyn and Susanne, an unbeatable pair.

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